Environmental awareness

Environmental responsibility is an important part of Loomis’ daily commitment to employees, customers and partners. In addition to the traditional priority issues, such as security and cost efficiency, the aspects of environmental impact come to play an increasingly important role both for us and for our customers.

Loomis’ direct environmental impact comes primarily from the fuel used for transportation. Therefore, we constantly strive to operate energy efficient vehicles, without compromising the safety of our employees and the protection of our customers’ property.

At our branch offices, we strive to optimize cash transportation routes and minimize the driving distance for each service. A growing number of our drivers receive training in eco-driving with positive results for both the environment and productivity.

In the long term, we try our best to safeguard the environment and use resources efficiently. This means that we constantly look for alternative solutions in order to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption in our daily operations. Examples from our every day work include the use of energy-efficient buildings and the acceptance of environmental responsibility throughout the entire chain, from procurement to disposal of services and products.

See also our sustainability report here.