Loomis in brief

Loomis in brief

Loomis is the specialist in creating an efficient cash flow in society. We offer comprehensive solutions at all levels of society including financial institutions, retailers, other commerce related business and the public sector. Our 23,000 employees operate at about 400 branch offices spread across more than 20 countries.

The specialist at creating an efficient cash flow

Loomis has a great heritage and a long history of managing cash. The history of Loomis goes back 160 years, to the California gold rush. As the specialist at creating an efficient physical flow of cash, we know better than anyone else when, where and how much cash is needed.

Loomis ensures that cash circulates quickly and safely. Around year 2000 it could take up to three days for a banknote to be returned to circulation after having been used in trade. By finding optimal cash flow solutions, Loomis has substantially reduced that time.

Customers and service offering

The customers of Loomis are first and foremost to be found within the banking sector and the retail industry. The demand for efficient cash handling is high among central banks, large commercial banks, large ATM operators, large retail chains but also smaller enterprises. 

We offer a wide range of solutions for cash in transit (CIT), cash management services (CMS), and international valuables logistics. Cash in transit remains our main source of income but a growing part of our profits is generated through cash management services. The demand for comprehensive solutions regarding cash flow differs significantly depending on the market maturity. In general, the cash management market has developed further in Europe than in other continents.

In May 2014, Loomis acquired VIA MAT Holding AG, one of the world’s leading companies in international valuables logistics. The acquisition enables Loomis to expand its service offering. The offering consist of two types of operations; cross border transportation of cash and precious metals and storage of valuables.


Loomis operates in more than 20 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, Portugal, Shanghai, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. 


Loomis operates in more than 20 countries and has 23,000 employees and about 400 branch offices. The headquarters of Loomis are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Group Management consists of President and CEO, CFO, VP Risk Management, VP Growth, VP HR, Presidents for the regions US, UK, Southern Europe, Northern and Eastern Europe and International. 

The Loomis Share

The Loomis Share (LOOM B) is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange. Loomis is part of the Nordic Large Cap List.

Financial Data

MSEK  2016 2015 2014
The Group, in brief      
Revenue, SEK m 16,800 16,097 13,510
  Revenue, Europe, SEK m 8,384


  Revenue, USA, SEK m 7,325 6,428 4,933
  Revenue, International Services, SEK m 1,149 1,419 918 
Operating income (EBITA), SEK m 1,890 1,703 1,370
Operating margin (EBITA), % 11.2 10.6 10.1
Operating income (EBIT), SEK m 1,852 1,575 1,306
Dividend per share, SEK 8.00 7.00 6.00
Earnings per share before dilution, SEK 16.73 14.21 12.1
Cash flow from operating activities as % of operating income (EBITA) 107 74 85
Average number of full time employees 22,000 21,700 20,539


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