The acquisition of VIA MAT Holding AG, in 2014, resulted in a new segment for Loomis – International. This segment strengthens Loomis’ product portfolio and increases the Group’s global presence.

Loomis is a world leader in international valuables logistics. Through a worldwide network of part­ners, leading suppliers and agents, Loomis stores, manages and transports precious metals and foreign currency all over the world.

Loomis’ branches are located in the world’s financial centers and logistics hubs to ensure proximity to decision-makers, customers and business offices. Loomis now holds a very strong position in Europe and the USA and has identified good growth potential in the Middle East and Asia, with offices in Dubai and Hong Kong as market hubs.

Growth potential

Loomis has noticed an increased demand for individually customized, comprehensive international transport solutions. Customers want to have one contact, one insurance solution as well as a guarantee that the products will be collected from and delivered to the right place at the right time. Loomis can offer this to its customers.

As globalization increases so does the use of foreign currency. For Loomis as a player that manages and transports foreign currencies, to and from banks and central banks, this means more international assignments.